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Variety of Wildlife photos taken by Desert Dawn Photography photographer TJ Tackett

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White Tail Buck at Forest EdgeMexican JayChiricahua Fox SquirrelAsh-throated FlycatcherAmerican Robin by StreamDesertDawn-37326American Black Bear in Dry StreambedAcorn WoodpeckerWhat Are You Lookin' At?Acorn Woodpecker ProfileAcorn Woodpecker Right Side ProfileDrill Baby Drill!Mexican Jay Eating GrasshopperGila Woodpecker on Saguaro CactusAmerican Goldfinch FeedingPerched American GoldfinchStretching American GoldfinchSeed Beak American GoldfinchAmerican GoldfinchPerching Anna's Hummingbird

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paul @ BTA(non-registered)
fun chipmunk shots, TJ; and thanks for posting the cooper's hawk nest photo. if you want a really great chipmunk photo in late july through mid-august, watch for them when they're eating ripe prickly pear fruit. occasionally you'll see one holding a ripe one, and with their mouths ringed with red... they look like kids at a county fair pie-eating contest. fun shot, if you can get it.
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