About Me...

I fell in love with photography in Junior High School, a long time ago. I have always loved the outdoors and photographing wildlife and lanscapes is something I just can't get enough of. Every time I go I learn something new about nature.

Wedding photography came a little later when my friends saw the landscapes and assumed that I was qualified to shoot their weddings. I resisted at first since the similarities pretty much end at the camera. But they prevailed on me and I found that weddings are a lot of fun and while I can love a portrait of a tree, the tree never seems to appreciate my efforts.

Weddings photography is of course an uncontrolled portrait session and soon I was doing studio type portraits as well. Currently I do not work in a studio but prefer location portraits.

So there is the about me. Now you know I'm a photographer not a writer. That said, I am experienced, prompt and friendly. When I photography a wedding I will be there to record but not run the day. I believe most people want their wedding day photographed but don't want to spend the day making the photographs. That is my goal too.

So take a look at my portfolio here and give me a call or send me an email so we can discuss your needs and together we can make some beautiful photos.